We Build Customized Software Solutions

No matter your business strategy, we provide custom software solutions that will streamline your operation and allow you to achieve effective, efficient, and smooth workflows—effortlessly!

Who We Are

We create customized software solutions for businesses of all types. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines reliably while designing software that enhances your business strategy and reduces workflow errors and inefficiencies. Our highly experienced and reliable team develops mobile and web applications that streamline any workflow, eliminating repetitive steps and increasing productivity rates.

What sets us apart from other developers is that instead of making your business conform to our software, we create a customized solution from scratch based on your unique workflow. We first start the design process by gaining a thorough understanding of you and your business. We then invite your collaboration every step of the way as we design your perfect solution. We always meet you halfway, combining our software expertise with your in-depth knowledge of your own business to create an ideal custom product that will cater to all your business needs.

What We Offer

A product created just for you, tailored to your business needs and designed to your exact specifications, with continued support after delivery.

Web Development

In this progressive era, it is necessary for technology to be the core of every business. That's where we come in. Our expertise in custom web solutions will help you create an experience that will reach your users more effectively and ultimately achieve growth.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices have not only taken over the internet experience but have also revolutionized the way companies market their products and communicate with their customers. If you want your business to thrive in this day and age it is necessary to tap this market.

Custom Integration

Why should you integrate? It will help your business achieve efficiency, by providing consistent decision making and optimizing development time. All of this will establish secure relationships between you and your clients.

Cloud Services

From storage to virtual desktops, cloud services cater to a business’s application and infrastructure needs. With the help of these cloud services a business is not only able to increase its agility but also handle costs more efficiently.

Testing & QA

A crucial process in achieving the perfect product is testing and quality assurance. Along with ensuring that the quality of a product is top-notch, testing also increases customer satisfaction through constant betterment in performance.

Solution Consulting

We utilize a responsive methodology to adapt and respond to feedback to be able to produce superior solutions continually. We thrive to create useful, efficient products aligned with your business objectives.

Industries We Serve

We make it our job to stay up-to-date on a diverse range of enterprises. We want to be constantly aware of best practices and industry trends so that we can best serve our clients in those areas of commerce. We are also interdisciplinary thinkers who have not only a depth of knowledge in specific industries but also a breadth of knowledge across the corporate world that lets us borrow from one sector or another to come up with unique solutions for your business.


Our software development team will design custom web and mobile applications that can be utilized by clinicians, health professionals, administrators, and operation staff.


We provide banking solutions that are not only extremely secure, but also user friendly, in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


When it comes to retail, customers look for convenience and reliability. Our solutions cater to specific target markets in order to enhance the shopper's experience, leading to increased sales.


Our e-commerce solutions are best-in-class. Our premiere products help you increase sales through improvements in customer satisfaction and engagement.


From instruction to research, technology has improved the quality of education for teachers and students alike. Our software enhances the learning experience and eases administrative burdens.


We provide custom logistics solutions that streamline operations by increasing the efficiency of your supply chain management system.


Appech provides custom automotive software development and software engineering services that help you to be a pioneer in the era of smart vehicles production.

Advertising & Marketing

Old advertising methods just won’t cut it anymore. We’ll help you build an online marketing solution to effectively attract new clients to your business.

We Work On

We utilize a wide range of technologies for our web and mobile application development. Our team creates web applications accessible from any operating system, web browser, or smartphone.


At Appech, we make sure that our development toolkit is powered up with the latest technologies. As a leading tech company, we have delivered hundreds of development projects leveraging the most in-demand technologies like Angular, Blazor, Xamarin, Ionic, and Unity.

At Appech, we make sure that our development toolkit is powered up with the latest technologies. As a leading tech company, we have delivered hundreds of development projects leveraging the most in-demand technologies like Angular, Blazor, Xamarin, Ionic, and Unity.


Our development team uses state-of-the-art technologies to design our back-end solutions, where the server and application are hosted. The technologies we use include ASP.Net Core, .Net Core Worker Processes, Azure Functions, and Service Fabric.


Smartphone apps have opened up numerous opportunities for organizations to connect with new audiences and potential customers on a personal level. Appech Technologies develops apps for iOS, Android, and Cross-Platform.


From MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, and Cassandra to NoSQL, Postgres, Big Data, and Blockchain technologies we've got you covered. Through efficient database management, we help you store, manage, and collaborate on your data to perform business critical actions.


From cloud storage to virtual desktops, we provide you with solutions to any challenge you can come up with. With our strategic partners, such as Microsoft and Amazon web services, we are able to develop cloud solutions that can manage automate process, and deliver entire aaplication landscapes.

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