About Appech

Appech is on a mission to help companies develop competitiveness and agility through technology. We are proud to be the partner of choice for many of the world’s preeminent organizations—from enterprises of all sizes to startups to technology challengers—including the world’s eminent leading enterprises, SMEs, startups, and technology challengers.

Since 2010, we have helped businesses grow and thrive through development of custom solutions, including software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services.


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Our mission is to provide innovative, customized software solutions to help our clients succeed in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.


We want every business to have custom technology that works for them.

We are really passionate about creating impactful custom solutions which transform the way our clients handle their business. We put the success of our customers as our top prioty by providing attention to detail with quality and agile solutions to match the technological growth.

What is Different About Appech?


Say no to cookie-cutter software. Get customized web and mobile applications for your business.

We thrive on creating useful, efficient products aligned with your business objectives. Our vision is to work in a collaborative partnership where you provide your expertise in a domain, and we provide a solution.


Working with you every step of the way to develop the perfect business solution. We value your input.

We meet with you throughout application development to ensure our software meets your requirements. Thus, we create a software solution that you are happy with, every step of the way.


You won’t find a company more committed to quality than Appech.

Quality is our number one priority. With extensive testing and a tried-and-true quality assurance team, we develop top-notch solutions that completely satisfy your needs.


Our agile development process produces a “rough draft” right away, allowing you to tweak it until it's perfect for your needs.

As an Agile company, Appech prizes individuals and interactions over processes and tools. We strive to create working software through customer collaboration and by responding to change as it develops.

Our Leadership Team

Kasra Owji
Founder / CEO
Our CEO is a prodigy entrepreneur. At a young age, he started an e-Commerce business generating up to 12 million in revenue, yearly. From this experience, he learned how building custom web applications can help businesses scale and grow. After he sold his business, he decided to spread this knowledge to his clients. He is the driving force behind our sales, marketing, and client relations.
Johnathan Smith
CTO / Chief Architect
As CTO, Johnathon is a seasoned architect and developer, transitions tomorrow’s ideas into today’s creations. He employs experience developing software for Fortune 500 corporations for two decades to deliver extensible solutions that are easy to understand and use. John promotes good coding practices among his team, in an agile development environment. He’s mentored developers over the years, following the spirit knowledge only grows when it is shared.
Timothy Kuhn
Alpha Team Developer
With a bachelors in math education at Brigham Young University, Tim started out his career in education teaching at the High School level. He has since turned his skills to Software Engineering, and become a valuable member of the Alpha Dev Team. His amazing student mentality has allowed him to excel in programming, and software development. His math and logic skills make him a wonderful addition to the Alpha Team.
Raja Sikendar
User Interface Designer
Raja likes to push his limits with a unique skill set consisting of design strategy, user research, interaction design, visual design, and prototyping. He has been in the top 10% talent at the UpWork US market for 5 consecutive years, and holds several film and design awards from across the globe. In short, he helps businesses gain clarity, differentiate, and connect meaningfully with their audience.
Chase Rony
Alpha Team Leader
Chase Rony comes to appech with Two years of developer experience from an Educational Platforms development team. During his time at Instancy he grew to lead the charge on several initiatives, and gained valuable cloud experience. In just a few short months of joining Appech, his hard work and dedication saw him promoted to Team Lead for our Alpha Dev Team. He is an absolutely amazing addition to the Appech Team.
Rebekah Smith
Content Director
Since graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho in English professional writing, Rebekah has written articles about anything from travel to mental health to technical manuals. As the copy writer/editor for Digital Gurus, she wrote SEO website content and advertisements for multiple fields and audiences. Along with her mastery of word-smithing and in-depth knowledge, she promotes our clients’ businesses expertly.

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