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As a custom software and database development company, Appech works with clients from various sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, transportation, e-commerce, financial services, and many more. For any organization, data is the foundation which supports the business process every day. The support ranges from daily business process to revenue generation and innovation in the marketplace.

We promise to deliver the best database development, storage, maintenance, and integration. Our team of highly skilled and seasoned professionals always raise the bar, creating something that is functional, easy to use, and smooth with the use of key industry insights. Our methods ensure that the databases we provide can be scaled up according to the latest innovations in technology, increasing efficiency, and usability.

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The Most In-demand Database Consulting Services

The amount of information that today’s databases have to store and manage has massively increased as compared to a decade ago. Also, the data is more complex and prolific now. A single business can utilize data from various sources including embedded technology, suppliers, vendors, social media, distributors, customers, and many other third parties. As a result, our clients are asking for integration and optimization services in record numbers. Therefore, we have a broad range of database services to choose from at Appech.

Database design and development

Modernization, data migration, and DB upsizing

Performance optimization and DB repair


Forms development and report automation

Device integration

Data warehouse solutions

Big data, analytics, data mining, BI, and online analytical processing

Integration of multiple data sources for batch and stream processing

The Right Database Technology for Your Business Needs

Using the stored information to determine the basic objects

Determine the relationships between these groups of information and the objects

Effectively manage data and create intelligent information

Remote database administration or onsite administrative support

Database creation, management, and maintenance

Information retrieval efficiency, remove data redundancy, and ensure data security

Technology Stack

We make use of a variety of different softwares and technologies to make our database more efficient and easy to use. Some of them are: