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Education & E-learning solutions

Even with constant advancements in technology, the educaton sector is not properly able to capitalize on it. Appech helps you to move from traditional learning systems to the modern learning era with our state-of-the-art e-learning solutions.

Our team is proud to have played an important role in bringing technological reforms to the education industry around the globe, that we help continually.

Bringing Tech Reforms in Education Industry





Versatile Solutions For Educational Organizations

Each student learns differently. Thus, it is important to teach with a variety of ways and tools. Appech provides the educational institutes with robust learning solutions including these in-demand features.

Interactive Learning Applications

Education Database Management Systems

Online Exam Management Solution

Educational Game Learning Solutions

Staff Management System

Payroll Management Solution

Attendance Management Solutions

Online Trainings

Custom E-learning Solutions

Educational institutes are embracing technological reforms globally to improve the teaching and learning process. Appech partners with educators internationally to provide them with custom solutions to help their organizations and students succeed.

E-learning Web & Mobile Applications

Learning Management Solutions

Online Tranings

Technical Consultancy

Maintenace & Support

Transforming Learning in the Education Industry

Appech is committed to transforming the education industry by providing the most innovative and modern learning management solutions based on the latest technologies.


  1. Interaction with learning material
  2. Enhanced learning environments
  3. Effective training sessions for complex modules
  4. Easier evaluation process


  1. Improved e-learning ROI
  2. Effective e-courses
  3. Personalized learning
  4. Automate scheduling & content delivery


  1. Right information on time
  2. Data oriented calls
  3. Content improvisation predictions
  4. Peer-to-peer interactions


  1. Transparent & decentralized system
  2. Secure data management
  3. Easier collaboration
  4. Identification & tracking

Why Choose Appech?

Appech provides you with a dedicated in-house development team with a customer-oriented approach towards each project. Partnering with clients, we customize solutions according to their requirements through our diverse technology stack experience and expertise in the industry. Our UX/UI experts are the best in the market and execute a complete digital makeover to our customers’ platforms. Our team understands the need of agile, secure, and personalized digital environments. Hence our services assure you of safe and flexible solutions.