Redefining Retail in the Digital Age

Customer expectations and buying habits are constantly changing, creating major challenges as well as opportunities for retailers. Buyers have become dynamic in nature. Some prefer online shops rather than physically going to a store for a purchase. Others use numerous channels before making the purchase decision.

No matter what stage of the lifecycle your business is at, retail specialists at Appech Technologies will turn your business needs into retail technology solutions. We help your brand to engage your customers, simplifying the customer journey, and providing them with the best experience through innovative technologies and solutions.

Custom-built Solution Development Process for Retailers





Our Services for Custom Retail Solutions

Technology has completely transformed the face of the retail sector in today's time. Whether it’s searching online or making a purchase, we help retailers to achieve a flawless web and mobile experience for their customers with our exceptional development services.

With extensive experience in retail as well as in software solutions, we are able to offer our clients the best services which result in streamlined operations and optimized processes. As a result, our retail customers are enjoying increasing margins, enhancing customer relationships, and improving the bottom line

Enhanced Satisfaction & Conversion

In today’s digital world, customers are more driven by personalized experience as it provides more engagement and results in increased sales and retaining of customers. Appech uses business intelligence and big data to analyze the customer which helps you take the right decisions to increase conversion rate and lower costs.

AI-based management

Our experts will employ data science and artificial intelligence based predictive analysis to help our clients in managing the demand and supply curve. This will eventually allow the retailers to manage their risk, predict the demands, and conduct their businesses efficiently for maximum profits.

Inventory Management

Our retail solution experts will help you to project the inventory investments based on the expected sales. This will allow you to operate your business cost-efficiently. This valuable feature of data science will allow you to buy as much as required, so you can reduce your costs and work smarter.

Updating and Replacing Legacy ERP Systems

Even now, many retailers and wholesalers rely on obsolete ERP systems which were built in the 1980's and 90's. This is not an ideal way to manage their processes and logistics in today’s digital world. Our experienced team at Appech helps you to replace those outdated solutions with modern and innovative custom-built ERP systems that are designed to keep your business ahead of the competition.

This also helps you to stay focused on the bigger decisions and core of your business. Our team partners with you from the start of the project to the completion stage. Moreover, we also provide services to contribute at any stage of the development. In this way, we meet a specific skill set for your custom solution by updating your technology stack, migration of the current system to cloud, and more.


Our team is using the most innovative tech stack to provide you with the best retail experience.

Big Data/ Data Science


E-commerce solutions



RMS/ERP Migration & Integration

Dynamic IT Solutions for Retail Industry

Our team has a proven track record of successful clients from across the globe. With our diverse technology stack experience, Appech promises to deliver a flawless solution that will have the ability to combine all channels of the retail industry and also provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for your brand.

Our experts will utilize their skill and experience to design custom-built solutions that will have the ability to run smoothly on all platforms. When it comes to online shopping, the end-users are in huge numbers and we will make sure that our solution implements security in the best way possible.

Billing & Payments

Order Management

Employee Management

Inventory Management

Fleet Management

Vendor & Client Management

IoT Integrations

Integration with Third Party Apps